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New World Beginner's Guide

General Game Play: Tips

  1. Setting Up camps is a Must. Set up Camps between your Questing Zone, Inn Tie location and House to be able to “Die” and teleport to with a much reduced Timer. Getting into this practice Can and will Save you countless hours if you plan ahead.
  2. Open your Map In Game to find and locate Resources, Here it will tell you the general location of where each resource can be found. You can Also use https://newworld-map.com/#/ to find and locate things like Chests, Mobs and POI.
  3. Pick Up all the quests in the Town you are Working in to level Efficiently. This doesn't mean you have to complete them all but it will open up opportunities to complete quests you didn't know existed. These are the Town Projects/Faction/Main/and Side Quests. 
  4. Completing Board quests is best done when you have achieved at least 50 in each profession and Gathering fields as it provides a higher tier quest to be accessible and more XP.
  5. Housing Provides Buffs in Trophies, extra storage furniture and More.
  6. Territory Points are well used in storage and standing in most starter zones, as XP and Gathering will more then likely go to waste end game. Try to stay clear of the trap of early XP Points as they will quickly become obsolete.
  7. Journal Entries give you xp, Pick them up whenever you see them (glowing blue pages)
  8. Dodging gives you “IFrames” or “Invincibility Frames” meaning Nothing can hit you in the 
    duration of your dodge. The dodges between armors all seem to have the same duration Iframe.
  9. White Damage Numbers are a standard Attack: Blue with a Down Arrow means the enemy is resistant to  that type of Damage: Yellow with an up arrow means the enemy is weak to that kind of Damage type. Carry multiple weapons if possible to gain an attack benefit. Orange Numbers indicate a critical Hit.
  10. Faction Gear is the easiest gear to obtain during leveling in New World. While you may have access to crafted gear, you will always have a semi decent, and customisable gear set up in the faction vendor, (don't forget to buy the faction item that allows you to alter your new faction gear to the correct stats)  which is another reason to make sure you are doing the faction quests.
  11. When Looking for Crafted gear on the auction place, make sure to select the traits button on the top right, and look for Enchanted (light and Heavy attacks deal extra Damage), Keen (crit chance)  or Keenly Empowered (Upon Crits you get 15% extra damage for 50% of the time) or The Chain Abilities to help you get a substantial boost in dps.
  12. Banes as Traits provide large damage increases to certain mobs in the game. Keep your eyes out for these weapon traits on gear near your level while leveling or on the auction house
  13. Auto Swap Weapon: Adding this to a key accessible on your mouse will allow you to swap weapons while in a dodge roll, doing this skips the pause animation associated with the Dodge Roll.
  14. HUD Always Shows Weapon: If you do not turn this option on while using the “Auto Swap Weapon” button, you will not see the active skills on your weapon after a Change
  15. Show Extra Ability Cooldowns: This option shows a cool down timer in the center of your screen for your current abilities. Making it much easier to tell when your ability is active again. 

Min Maxing Armor Weights


What are the benefits of PvP?

You will miss out on certain activities like the mass battles with 100 players or PvP quests for the factions without PvP. Also, only in PvP will you increase faction influence and gain additional experience. Factions can conquer and hold settlements, fortresses or entire territories, which brings certain bonuses. Settlement owners receive the following benefits: – 70 percent discount on fast travel  – 30 percent discount on taxes – 20 percent discount on houses
However, members of the same faction benefit even if they do not play PvP. Specifically, you will receive a 40 percent discount on fast travel and other advantages such as resource containers in the city, linked storage rooms and bonuses on luck and collecting. Even housing has a small PvP component: the higher your influence within the faction, the more likely it is that your house will be displayed to other players in the world. As the ruling company (the equivalent of a guild within a faction), you also determine the amount of taxes. But be careful: If you try to collect too much, players will quickly leave. Owning a settlement also comes with a fee and other obligations – like defending it if you don’t want to lose it again.

Mob Weaknesses:

  • Recommend damage: Strike, Lightning
  • Resists against: Slash, Nature, Fire
  • BEST DAMAGE: Lightning
  • Recommend damage: Nature, Arcane, Thrust
  • Resists against: Ice, Strike, Void
  • BEST DAMAGE: Arcane
  • Recommended damage: Thrust
Angry Earth
  • Recommended damage: Fire, Slash
  • Resists against: Lightning, Thrust
  • WORST DAMAGE: Lightning
The Lost
  • Recommended damage: Strike, Ice, Nature
  • Resists against: Thrust, Void
  • BEST DAMAGE: Nature

Leveling Zones

  • 1. Everfall - Level Range 1-25
  • 2. Monarch's Bluffs - Level Range 1-25
  • 3. Windsward - Level Range 1-25
  • 4. First Light - Level Range 1-25
  • 5. Cutlass Keys - Level Range 25-35
  • 6. Weaver’s Fen - Level Range 25-35
  • 7. Restless Shores - Level Range 36-39
  • 8. Brightwood - Level Range 25-40
  • 9. Mourningdale - Level Range 36-45
  • 10. Great Cleave - Level Range 36-50
  • 11. Edengrove - Level Range 50-60+
  • 12. Shattered Mountain - Level Range 50-60+
  • 13. Reek Water - Level Range 58-62+
  • 14. Eden Scale - Level Range 52-62+

Crafting Guide: Tips

  1. The Higher your gathering, the faster your gathering action will be completed and it will also unlock a compass icon allowing you to easily find resources near you.
  2. Each town has its own “Harvest Dump”. (A resource that is gatherable in town available only to the faction and company the town belongs too) (Windsward has a Fiber Cart)
  3. Getting to 50 in each crafting profession is best done by “grinding” out lower tier items as the components are more readily available and have a better XP per resource ratio. Pants/legs have the highest exp to resource ratio. Chest pieces give the most exp per crafted item, and gloves/boots use the least resources but least exp. Pants are the happy medium!
  4. Crafting items are used from both your inventory and storage in the town you are harvesting in. No need to have all your materials on you.
  5. When Crafting any Item, Exchanging the Resources for Higher tier resources will increase the Potential gear score of that item. Adding Azoth increased the chances of gaining Perks or Gem Sockets.
  6. If you don't have the resources in the current town you're in, you can transfer them from another town using the drop down menu on the right hand side whilst in the storage inventory. Although, this only works if your faction owns both of those towns and costs gold in order to do so.
  7. Crafted Foods can also help Bump the gear score of any items you are going to craft. Make sure you have eaten the appropriate foods before doing that big craft.

Crafting Components: Materials by Tier:

Special Gathering Materials - Can mostly only be obtained through their respective gathering skill while having a Luck bonus (Perk on tools, Gathering Luck foods, Luck Trophy furnishing).
Tier 2 - Fae Iron - Iron veins
Tier 3 - Voidmetal Ingot - Iron veins
Tier 4 - Azurite Chunk - Starmetal veins
Tier 4 - Blessed Crucible - Starmetal veins
Tier 5 - Cinnabar - Orichalcum veins
Tier 5 - Tolvium - Orichalcum veins

Tier 2 - Petrified Wood - Young and Mature trees
Tier 3 - Whisperwood - Young, Mature, Wyrdwood trees
Tier 4 - Ebonwood - Wyrdwood trees
Tier 4 - Quillbark - Wyrdwood trees
Tier 5 - Wildwood - Ironwood trees
Tier 5 - Barbvine - Ironwood trees

Tier 2 - Shadecloth - Hemp plants
Tier 3 - Phasefiber - Hemp plants
Tier 4 - Glintstrands - Silkweed plants
Tier 4 - Scalecord - Silkweed plants
Tier 5 - Blisterweave - Wirefiber plants
Tier 5 - Scalecloth - Wirefiber plants

Tier 2 - Ragehide - Skinnable creatures
Tier 3 - Shadowfur - Skinnable creatures
Tier 4 - Brightscale Hide - Skinnable creatures
Tier 4 - Shifthide - Skinnable creatures
Tier 5 - Scarhide - Skinnable creatures
Tier 5 - Smolderhide - Skinnable creatures

Crafting Components:  Gems

Understanding Conversion Gems:

Any of the int gems (fire, ice, void, lightning, arcane) read "Convert 50% of your damage to X element. But the question is…… Should I put a Conversion Gem into my weapon? Enjoy this flow chart by LastoneNW.

Crafting Components: Cooking: Herb Locations

Basil - Everfall, Brightwood
Cinnamon - First Light, Cutlass Keys, Edengrove
Dill - First Light, Edengrove, Cutlass Keys
Garlic - Everfall
Ginger - Windsward, Reekwater, Ebonscale Reach
Mint - Windsward, Restless Shores, Weaver's Fen, Mourningdale
Nutmeg - First Light, Weaver's Fen
Oregano - Restless Shores, Monarch's Bluff, Mourningdale
Paprika - Monarch's Bluff, Brightwood
Parsley - Cutlass Keys, Edengrove, Mourningdale
Peppercorn - Monarch's Bluff, Cutlass Keys, Mourningdale
Rosemary - Restless Shores, Mourningdale
Saffron - First Light, Reekwater, Brightwood
Sage - Everfall, Reekwater, Brightwood
Tarragon - Brightwood, Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater
Thyme - Windsward, Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater

All About Fishing!

Visit this link: It includes a detailed Breakdown of Fishing in all its glory.  https://bit.ly/3o0Bul4
This is a compilation of resources, tips and ideas from hundreds of videos, resources and content creators.  Thanks for all the hard work to everyone who put in time to gather information and for all the creators that were so in depth with their individual guides that were linked. We will try to keep this updated as things change and add tips we come across at release to help new players progress. 

Hope you all Enjoyed!

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