Among the shadows

A Competitive pvp focused community
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Community Driven

We have members from across the world, in all time zones looking to make ATS stand out above the rest. With worldwide coverage, raffles and events, ATS is always growing!

Mature Atmosphere

We know that our community is what makes us great. Its with this knowledge that we strive to make this community a mature, respectful and most importantly, a fun place to game.

Organized PVP

ATS has, and will always have an emphasis on PvP Games.  To do this right, you have to be able to work together, to do it for 2 decades, you have to be great at it.

Games we are currently playing.

We play a variety of games across multiple genres
among the shadows

Plus many more.

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We are a mature laid back clan that has been around since 1999.
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Among The Shadows

ATS is a gaming Community. We are more than a guild, clan or company. Become part of something Bigger.

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