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Among the Shadows Clan

Among The Shadows has been established as a clan for approximately 12 years and in that time we’ve grown from a simple idea between two experienced gamers to a solid core of people interested in making ATS the best clan around. Our members play all games ranging from MMOs to First person shooters and everything in between. In the games we play as a guild all aspects are covered; people that dedicate themselves to crafting for instance can be richly rewarded from the clan by having materials funneled to them to help in advancement. Those that look forward to slaying that massive end game dragon or clearing that epic dungeon will have a solid guild behind them helping them to etch their names into the halls of glory. 

Active Community

We play all kinds of game so there is always something going on,

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We have out own discord request an invite below.

150+ Members

Over the years our number of dedicated members has grown.

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Among The Shadows

A competitive pvp clan.

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