The day has finally come and what they had to reveal to the world was truly awesome. Personally I can’t wait to play it.

Do the players have a spiritual (non-corporeal) form?  How do I appear when I am in between avatars?

You have an immortal form that looks like a ghostly crow in the 3D world. This represents your immortal, eternal spirit.

In technical terms, the crow is really the “account level” version of you (the player). You take this form in the game when you die and remain in that form until you possess your next vessel.

How do you split advancement between the crow and the avatar(s)?

Character power is divided into two distinct parts:

Physical Attributes are dictated by the mortal vessel.  This means that a Minotaur Myrmidon will be much stronger than an Elven Frostweaver who will be much more agile than a Human Knight. The avatar will set base attributes and will encapsulate the combined effects of runestones (archetype, disciplines, talents and traits).

Spiritual Knowledge is comprised of the memories that you accumulate over the course of many lives – which means that they are stored on your crow. Think of this as the residual knowledge that you carry between avatars, such as how to craft a helmet, recite an incantation or wield a blade. The vessel that you choose to possess (your avatar) will determine how much of your residual knowledge you can use at any time.

Notable Functionality:

  • Each Crowfall account may have one crow (and thus one master skill list).
  • All skill training happens on the crow.  This means that skill train benefits you across all characters, subject to the skill limitations of each vessel.
  • Guild memberships happens at the crow (account) level. You can change between avatars without affecting your guild affiliation.
  • Crows will have a unique name.  Avatars can take names as well, but they are not unique.

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