Our Story

Among The Shadows

Among The Shadows has been established as a clan for approximately 8 years and in that time we’ve grown from a simple idea between two experienced gamers to a solid core of people interested in making ATS the best clan around. Our members play all games ranging from MMOs to First person shooters and everything in between. In the games we play as a guild all aspects are covered; people that dedicate themselves to crafting for instance can be richly rewarded from the clan by having materials funneled to them to help in advancement. Those that look forward to slaying that massive end game dragon or clearing that epic dungeon will have a solid guild behind them helping them to etch their names into the halls of glory. Those that enjoy the hunt, like myself will find that ATS is a clan full of dedicated Pvpers who log in game with no more on their mind then finding the next target. We truly do have something for everyone

Everyone stands on their own merit.

We have always had a ranking system that grows and evolves with the clan’s needs. The ranks are not filled solely on the basis of seniority, but allow those who express maturity, intelligence, talent, strategy, etc. the opportunity to get the rank that’s best for them and the clan. The clan as a whole benefits from this process.

We’re organized and experienced.

All of our members have some level of experience in online gaming, and a wide variety of skills they bring to the table. Many of them are very experienced, and every one of them is willing to help newcomers. Many of them excel at learning and applying specific game knowledge making them excellent PvE group coordinators. Many of them find their niche leading our raiders into battle against other players. No matter what you excel at, you will find ATS has a meaningful place for you among its ranks.

We don’t discriminate against anyone.

Many clans set a hard and fast age limit. We do not and we never will. This game is for everyone…thus our clan can also be for everyone. Our request from our members are that they be mature, respectful, and cooperative and that they recognize that the things they do reflect on their clan and clan mates. Everyone should be willing to teach and learn, and this concept doesn’t change with your age.

We are selective of our recruits.

People come to us because we are a quality clan with quality members. We don’t simply click “Yes” to everyone who tosses an application our way. We have, and will continue to turn down applicants who don’t express a value for cooperation and respect. Qualities that ATS prides itself on.

We’re dedicated to our goals.

It is a clan that makes a goal a reality. Unlike many clans that come and go, our almost 100 member player base has as much respect and dedication to the members of our clan, as they do for the clan itself. As you help us build, you will become part of something everyone will come to enjoy.