Making Combat & Customization Both Challenging & Entertaining


MMORPG sits down with the developers of Crowfall and discusses the challenges of creating a combat system that is fun to play without being overly complicated.

When we built our first Archetype, the Knight, we came up with a rough number of powers that we felt would give him options in a variety of situations that one would encounter on the battlefield. (Damage, Crowd Control, Escape, move over there, Oh CRAP SAVE ME!!)

After a lot of iteration, we were eventually able to use the Knight as sort of a template (or baseline) for the number of options and combos within the powers we want when we start designing a new Archetype. From there, we can adjust by adding or removing powers based on meetings with the team. (For example we felt three-deep combo chains would take too long on a slower speed Archetype like the Champion, so we went with two-deep combo chains as his max.)

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