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The day has finally come and what they had to reveal to the world was truly awesome. Personally I can’t wait to play it. Do the players have a spiritual (non-corporeal) form?  How do I appear when I am in between avatars? You have an immortal form that looks like a ghostly crow…(Read More)

Some of the new highlights from Mount & Blade 2. As many of you may have noticed, we have been rather busy! Last week, we visited Cologne, Germany to attend Gamescom, the largest game conference in Europe. While there, we took appointments to demonstrate some Bannerlord gameplay to the world’s media. Along with this…(Read More)

MechWarrior Online is going to be launched on Steam on December 10th, 2015!!! With the winter holidays approaching along with this fantastic news, Piranha Games has decided to host a celebration for both the holidays and the Steam Launch! This celebration will include a dinner party with PGI Developers and family at the Piranha Games…(Read More)